What is DRUMBEAT Quest?

DRUMBEAT Quest is a tool to engage young people in Social Emotional Learning through digital Game-Based Learning (GBL) and rhythm. 

It is designed to be a medium for Educators and Counsellors to engage young people more effectively in learning Social Emotional skills that improve self-regulation, positive relationships, empathy, emotional intelligence and resilience.



The player is invited to explore their sense of identity, strengths, values and beliefs through story-telling and analogies drawn from game play.



The player must play a series of rhythms to progress through the twelve levels of the game.

The patterned, repetitive beats regulate the brain, 

reducing impulsivity and improving cognition. 

Play with the specially designed eDrum for even better results!


Through game play and discussion, students develop their self and social awareness as well as a deeper understanding of how their thoughts, feelings and actions impact their relationships.


See how you can use DRUMBEAT Quest to transform Social Emotional Learning

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