Flexible Implemention

DRUMBEAT Quest has been designed to suit flexible delivery options to adapt to your needs. Multiple resources and guides have been created to support delivery for the following:


One on One Counselling

Develop a shared vocabulary for behaviour management and conflict resolution.


Small Group

Focus on in-depth discussion around central themes such as bullying and drug use. 

Whole Class 

Create a positive learning environment that leads to greater student engagement and academic success.

Aligned to the Health Curriculum

DRUMBEAT Quest has been mapped to the Health and Physical Education learning area of the Australian Curriculum ( and the Western Australian Curriculum (


Read the blog about making health lessons more engaging - 

Behaviour Management Tool

Thanks to the Rhythmic Neurological benefits of the game design, DRUMBEAT Quest can be used as a positive behavioural management tool to refocus and calm students.


Once the player has regained control they are able to be engaged in self-reflection.

Great for those with Anxiety, ADHD and similar challenges.

Supporting Student Transitions

DRUMBEAT Quest gives students the skills and understanding to cope with the social and emotional difficulties they will encounter, helping them establish meaningful relationships with the school community and using engaging strategies to create positive school climate, we can give them a head start for their future. 

Read the blog about preparing students for the transition to high school - 

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