Dear DRUMBEAT Quest Customers

We are no longer supporting DRUMBEAT Quest as of Friday 30th August 2019. While it was a difficult decision to make and we are sad to say goodbye, we are eager to focus our time and energy on our foundation program DRUMBEAT.


What this means for you as a customer:

Desktop Professional / Counsellor Professional Packages - The DRUMBEAT Quest software that you purchased is installed locally on either your organisation’s server network or on your computers – this means that you may continue to use the software without interruption, and create new player accounts through your Account Manager as needed.

Tablet Professional Package - The DRUMBEAT Quest App will continue to be available on the App Store to download onto additional iPads.

The Facilitator Portal will continue to be available so you may continue to login to access the program’s resources. We will not provide support after 30th August 2019 either by phone or email, if you have a question please refer to the documentation in the Facilitator Portal.


The email will not be monitored but if you do need to contact us please phone the Holyoake office on (08) 9416 4444 or email


Thank you for your support of DRUMBEAT Quest.

- The DRUMBEAT Quest Team

The Facilitator Portal gives you access to all the professional resources including discussion guides, videos, fact sheets and more.


Supporting Educators and Counsellors

We have developed a collection of resources to make the program easy to implement in a range of settings, from using DRUMBEAT Quest in the classroom, to small groups and in one-to-one settings.

Program Materials and Facilitator Support

  • Discussion Guides (Group/One-on-One)

  • Talking Points Slide Decks (Images for reflection)

  • Certificate of Completion

  • 12 x Reflection Worksheets (for High School Students)

  • 12 x Videos of Group Discussion

  • 9 x Videos of One-on-One Discussion

  • 7 x Facilitator Fact Sheets

  • Facilitator’s Game Guide

  • Health and Physical Education Mapping Rubric: Australian Curriculum

  • General Capabilities of the Australian Health and Physical Education Curriculum

  • Health and Physical Education Mapping Rubric: Western Australian Curriculum

DRUMBEAT Quest Health Curriculum

Developed by teachers for teachers, the latest resources are mapped to the Australian Health and Physical Education Curriculum. This curriculum is currently being piloted by several schools before it will be made available in the Facilitator Portal.

The DRUMBEAT Quest Health Curriculum includes:

  • 20 x Lesson Plans

  • Grading Rubrics

  • Teaching and Learning Strategies

  • 12 x Discussion Slide Decks (Presentations)

Evaluation and Assessment

At Holyoake, we are committed to developing and delivering evidence-based programs and recognise the importance of program evaluation. The Facilitator Portal includes a suite of evaluation and assessment tools for you to use to monitor student learning outcomes and program impact.

 Tools for Measuring Program Impact

  • Multi-Dimensional Emotional Empathy Scale

  • Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaires

  • Rosenberg’s Self-Esteem Scale (Adapted)  

  • Behavioural Incidents Record 

  • Third Party Feedback Form  

Download the full resource list - DRUMBEAT Quest Professional Resources.

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